Intern Experience - Summer 2015 October 20, 2015 08:27

Greetings readers and beaders! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Elisa and this summer I have been the marketing intern at Canal Street Gallery and Beads. My main objective in this role was to help Lauren put to pen Canal Street Gallery and Bead’s marketing objectives. We met weekly to discuss new topics such as who the customer is and how to best serve them, what should be the product focus, and what are some innovative advertising and promotional ideas. On top of helping write Canal Street Gallery and Beads marketing plan, I also worked some Saturdays throughout the summer, filling in where I was needed and learning new jewelry techniques along the way! 

I may be a marketing and communication major, but my true dream has always been to be a small business owner myself. Working with Lauren has given me the best field experience possible. I have watched how she interacts with repeat customers, new customers, and fellow shop owners. It has given me a taste for how to act and what it really takes to be a small business owner.

The greatest lesson I walked away with from my time at Canal Street Gallery and Beads was a greater appreciation for local artists and small business owners. Local products and shops have always been a passion of mine but I never really stopped to consider why. Why do I love shopping small business and why do I prefer to purchase from a local artist verses buying from a box store? As I interacted with Lauren and customers I realized it was because of the relationship fostered between artist and customer. The reason I would spend $35 dollars on something from a local store over a very similar item from Walmart or Hobby Lobby that cost only $20 is because my purchase from a local store or artist fosters a deeper relationship with the community and the original creator. Friendships are born between customer and owner at stores like Canal Street Gallery and Beads. No marketing plan can teach this and no box store can replicate the true authentic relationship developed between a customer and a local business. 

I hope this encourages you to venture out and explore your local shops, mingle with the artists in your area, and to seek out those relationships in your life. Thanks for reading.



If you may be interested in interning at the gallery, send your resume and why you'd like to intern at Canal St Gallery & Beads to lauren(at)!