Vintage Seed Bead Mix

$ 8.60

Beads with history! These vintage Italian & French seed beads came to The Beaded Peacock from one of our trunk show vendors who inherited them with her bead business. They sat in boxes in her garage for years and after striking up a conversation about our love of seed beads they were offered to us to sell to you! 

Select 50gm or 100gm package. Colors are as shown in photo.

This bead mix contains approximately 1,500 beads (50 grams) or 3,000 beads (100 grams) which range in size from 3/0 to 11/0. Mix contains beads from both Eclats de Perles in France and also Venetian beads from the Societa Veneziana Conterie in Venice, Italy. These bead factories produced beads from the 1800's to the 1920's. As a result, these tiny pieces of history have more variation in their size and shape than the modern seed bead and imperfections should be embraced because of their hand crafted nature. 

Ideal for repairing antique beadwork, or for creating something of your own using beads with special history. Due to the vintage nature of these beads, bead shape, sizing, and hole size variations are to be expected. Please allow for slight color variations due to screen viewing. 

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