Beadweaver's Bundle #2

$ 27.30 $ 39.00

This bead bundle includes one full package/strands of the following 8 items:

  • Two-Holed Triangle bead Matte Metallic Silver 25gm
  • DiamonDuo Concrete Gray 10gm
  • CzechMates Two-Holed Bar Bead Metallic Suede Dark Forest 10gm
  • MiniDuo Opaque Red 10gm
  • SuperDuo Metalust Lipstick Red 25gm
  • Czech Two-Holed Tile Bead Red with etched finish
  • Half-Moon Bead Red Picasso
  • Two-Holed Mini Silky Bead Red Lumi

Please allow slight color variations due to screen viewing.

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