About Us

The Beaded Peacock (formerly Canal Street Gallery) is a bead shop located in cozy Winona Lake, IN. We sell handmade jewelry, fine art, and handmade goods from artists in Indiana and the midwest. The Beaded Peacock is located lakeside, in the Village at Winona. In business for 15 years, new owner, Lauren Peacock took over in 2014, reopening with a renewed vision and love of all things beads.

Our goal is to provide a haven for people to explore their creativity, and have a lot of fun with beads. We exist to instruct and supply various forms of jewelry making. All of the girls here make jewelry. We have a wealth of knowledge and we love to share it! Have a beading problem? A pattern you are tackling? Need a particular bead you can't find anywhere else? Need a custom piece of jewelry made? Want to take Grandma's necklace and re-make it into something you'll actually wear? These are the things we love to help with!

Not only do we have beads, but The Beaded Peacock is also a great place to find a unique gift or a piece of local art. We love supporting Indiana artists doing what they love. 



The ladies of The Beaded Peacock:

 Lauren Peacock, Boss Lady

My love affair with beads began in 2006 with an online tutorial in peyote stitch. I was hooked as soon as I completed one project. Today seed beads are still my favorite, although I have a whole new appreciation for all sorts of beads. I took the leap into retail at an odd time in life. I was newly married and working as a pharmacy technician and working towards a second degree at IPFW. While on lunch at the pharmacy, my husband texted me a photo of a retirement sale the owner was having and suggested I go stock up on beads. In my mind, I didn't want to stock up, I wanted to run it! The very next day I sat down with the owner and so it began. It was a whirlwind of a first year. While re-opening the shop, I successfully completed a BFA in Graphic Design and I've got great girls working for me. When I'm not at the shop, I am at home with my husband, Daniel and our little boy (age 3) and girl (age 1). 

Kayci, Wire-Wrapping Lady

Kayci joined us in 2016 first as an instructor, and now as a full-time sales associate as well as wire-wrapping instructor. She has wire skills others of us do not possess. We all have to have our specialty, right? With a background in jewelry making as well as graphic design, she is quickly becoming a huge asset to our bead shop. We are so thankful she is here!

Kari, Part-Time Sales, Jewelry Making, & Creative Lady 

If you want custom jewelry made, this is the lady for you. Joining the shop later in 2014, she quickly took the role of go-to woman for a creative perspective. See an especially unique piece of jewelry in the shop? Chances are she made it. Did your jewelry break? She can repair it! Have an old, tired piece of jewelry you'd like to upcycle, but not sure how? Kari can help!

Elizabeth, Part-Time Instructor & Beadweaving Lady

We were so lucky the day she walked into the shop. Have a question about bead weaving? Ask this lady. A transplant from Tennessee, she has been working with seed beads since she was little. Occasionally at the shop you'll find her instructing some of our more advanced classes.