Wire-Wrapping Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a kit from The Beaded Peacock. Below are basic wire-wrapped loop instructions, essential for earrings and other jewelry making applications. 

Basic Wire Wrap:

Stack up your beads in the order desired onto your headpin.

Grip the headpin with the tip of your round nose pliers (in your dominant hand) placed directly above the beads.

Press the wire 90 degrees away from you. It should now sit at a right angle with the pliers.

Rotate your pliers (without moving the wire) so that the empty leg is sitting on top of this 90 degree angle, and bring the wire back around the top toward you and down. Keep the wire snug against the pliers to create the first part of your loop.

Rotate your pliers a second time so that the empty leg of the pliers is once again sitting on top of the wire.

Complete your loop by pushing the wire around the bottom of the pliers away from you at a 90 degree angle, continuing to keep the wire snug against your pliers. This finishes your loop.

Move your round nose pliers to your non-dominant hand (keeping them inside your loop), and use your chain nose pliers in your dominant hand to grip the end of the remaining wire and wrap it tightly around the “neck” in between the loop you created and the top of your beads. Stack your wraps on top of each other, starting at the loop and moving down toward the bead.

Cut off any extra wire as close to the bead as possible. You may need to use your chain nose pliers to pinch in any sharp ends.

Open the loose side of your earwire loop by slightly twisting it and attach the loop you just created on your headpin.

Photos and instructions created by The Beaded Peacock.

Do not copy or share photos or instructions without written permission.